Barbie Lunt

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Barbie Lunt

Teaching fills me with passion
It opens new worlds to my students and myself
as we learn and grow together
in this ever changing world.

My family supports me,
they bring me joy and laughter,
sadness and strength,
power to keep working and growing,
hope for the future.

This year I will be teaching 4th grade at Mount Turnbull Elementary School on the mountain above Bylas, AZ.
While working on their writing, vocabulary, spelling, speaking, reading fluency and comprehension, the students will develop into powerful learners.

  Writing, Journey's Reading, St Math, Accelerated Reading, Achieve 3000, and AZ merit Testing practice on google Think Pads, will provide the students with powerful computer skills.  

Learning Apache Language and culture, they will become more fluent in speaking Apache and help to preserve their culture.

 As they strengthen new math skills with DMS (Daily Math Skills) EngageNy, Go Math, and ST Math, they will build confidence in their ability to control their destiny.

Science and Social studies will increase their knowledge of the world they live in and how things work.  Science reading, writing, exploration and experimentation using the scientific method and observation skills,will engage them in deeper thinking and inspire them to want to learn more about their world.
 While engineering, building and designing their ideas, that is the fun part, they will become leaders in the community.

Homework will be sent home Monday through Thursday.  Please choose a book to read and practice on Friday and Saturday or read several of your favorite books with you students. 

Homework consists of 4 math review problems, 4 short answer reading comprehension questions, one page of engageNy math homework and one reading passage on a science or social studies real world topic. Please read the passage with your student a few times until they are comfortable with all the words. Then have them practice the passage until they can read it like they were talking to someone, with smooth flowing sentences and feeling. Have them answer the 4 multiple choice questions, one short answer and write a simple retell of what they read in their own words.

Thank you,
Feel free to contact me often.
through texts or in person. If you would like to be able to contact me quickly please give me a phone # or email that you check daily.

See you soon :)